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Peter John Ross - man, myth, legendPeter John Ross - writer/director/producer

MAILING ADDRESS: 520 Enterprise Dr, Suite C Westerville Ohio 43081

(818) 396-6758 EMAIL HERE

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About award winning filmmaker Peter John Ross

As a filmmaker Peter John Ross has produced, edited, and directed several award winning films. His debut feature film Horrors of War has worldwide distribution. Ross has written articles for Moviemaker and Videomaker Magazines, and has published his first book TALES FROM THE FRONT LINE OF INDIE FILMMAKING.

About Sonnyboo Productions -

Online since 1999, Sonnyboo.com produced over 40 short films, with several million combined views from various sites. Sonnyboo.com has been noted in such publications as Computer Arts, RES Magazine, Ain't It Cool News, Camcorder & Computer Video magazine, Film & Video Magazine, LA Weekly, Film Threat, the Village Voice, & rated as a TOP TEN VIDEO SITE by Internet Video Magazine.

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Articles written by Peter John Ross







also written articles in


student filmmaker




Horrors of War (2006) – co-writer, co-director, producer
In the Trenches of an Indie Film (2008) - producer, director (as John Fromes)
Goodnight Cleveland (2008) - co-producer/editor
Going Corporate (2000) - co-producer/co-writer


Cell Phone Monologues (2013) - director

Sonnyboo Intern (2012) - director

Accidental Art (2010) - writer/director/producer
Relationship Card (2009) - writer/director/producer
Refractory (2009) - writer/director/producer
How to Deal with Telemarketers (2007) - co-writer/director/producer
Uncle Pete's Playtime (2008) - co-writer/director/producer

Always Late (2004) - director

SKETCHCETERA” Sonnyboo Productions with the main stage cast of the Second City.

"Elevator" (2002) - director/producer
"Bachelorette Party" (2002) co-writer/director/producer
"Pulp Diction" (2002) co-writer/director/producer
"Bank Robbery" (2002) co-writer/director/producer
"Therapy Group" (2002) co-writer/director/producer
"the Line of Masculinity" (2002) co-writer/director/producer
“Why DO They Call It Filmmaking?” (2002) director/producer
“Film School Graduate” (2002) co-writer/director/producer

The Manhattan Project (2000) - writer/director/producer
Conspiracy Theories (2000) - writer/director/producer
Asphyxiated Heart (2000) - writer/director/producer
Friend or Foe (2000) - writer/director/producer
The Quarry (2000) - writer/director/producer
The Job Interview (2000) - writer/director/producer

New World (2002) - co-writer/director/producer
Bitter Old Man (2001) - writer/director/producer
Minivan (2001) - writer/director/producer
The Death of Sonnyboo (2002) - writer/director/producer

"Murderland" Pitch - 2000 Sundance Film Festival "Pitchfest"
"Mall Hard" Pitch - 2000 Sundance Film Festival "Pitchfest"

Pass the Salt (2001) - The Columbus Filmmakers Consortium
Simulacrum (2001) - The Columbus Filmmakers Consortium
Concupiscence (2002) - writer/director/producer
Filmmakers the Next Generation (2001) - writer/director/producer
The Scooby Doo Conundrum (2001) - writer/director/producer
Vote NO to Mayor McCheese (2002) - writer/director/producer

pjr editing


Acting Credits

Green Card Fever (2002) - One Hoarse Town Productions/Net Effect Media Inc.
Pee Jesus (2002) - Smoke Filled Room Productions
Orange Barrel - 7M Pictures
Simulacrum - The Columbus Filmmakers Consortium
The Phantom Burglar, RADIO DRAMA - Silver Gecko Productions
Soar Becoming – Arch & Pillar Productions





"Reach For the Sky" Public Service Announcement - the Columbus Film Consortium
" Kia's are Moving Fast" commercial - Chesrown Kia
" Old's are Moving Fast" commercial - Chesrown Oldsmobile
" I Deserve It All" commercial - Byers Chevrolet
" Movie, Music, & Model Expo" commercial - Ratti Entertainment" Downtown" commercial (editor/graphics)- Byers Chevrolet
" Imports" commercial (editor/graphics)- Byers Chevrolet
" Master Choi"(editor/graphics) - O.M.A.C. Martial Arts School
" Midwest Funk 4" commercial - Ratti Entertainment
" The Continent Apartments" :30 second TV commercial
“ Do Dat Then” CD Release :30 TV spot
“ Party Girls Gone Global” :30 TV spot
“ Electrogeek” :30 TV spot
“ Lifewave” :30 spot
“ Faster 40” :30 spot

" The Coliseum Dance Club" :30 second TV commercial
“ Rush Creek bar & grille” :30 TV spot
“ Matress Mart” :30 TV spot
“ Suzuki Sales Event” :30 TV spot
“ Production Partners Media” :30 spot
“ Prince Agra - OmniGen AF” :30 spot



Peter John Ross nominated for a 4th Emmy Award 2017 for FRAMELINES (television show - director/producer)


Peter John Ross was inducted into the INDIE FILM HALL OF FAME at the International Indie Gathering film festival and film convention 2014

Indie Film Hall of Fame

Peter John Ross nominated for a 3rd Emmy Award 2015 for FRAMELINES (television show - director/producer)


Peter John Ross nominated for an Emmy Award 2014 for FRAMELINES (television show - director/producer)


Peter John Ross WINNER for a Communicator Award 2014 for FRAMELINES (television show - director/producer)


Peter John Ross nominated for an Emmy Award 2013 for FRAMELINES (television show - director/producer)


Peter John Ross - WINNER two Silver Telly Awards 2013 for FRAMELINES (television show - director/producer)

Telly Award

GCAC 2012 Individual Media Artists Fellowship Finalist

CELL PHONE MONOLOGUES (short) - Grand Prize winner of the Westerville Film Festival 2013

THE SONNYBOO INTERN (short) - Best Special FX The Winter Shorts Film Festival, Somerset KY 2012

ACCIDENTAL ART (short) - TOP TEN FINALIST, OpenFilm.com "Get It Made 2" competion 2011

ACCIDENTAL ART (short) - Honorable Mention, Magma Short Film Festival, New Zealand 2010

HORRORS OF WAR - Chris Award from the Columbus International Film Festival 2006

HORRORS OF WAR - Audience Award from the Rebel International Film Festival 2006

HORRORS OF WAR - Emerging Talent Award from the "B" Movie Festival 2007

HORRORS OF WAR – Best Horror Feature from Bare Stage Theater Screening Series 2007

RELATIONSHIP CARD - Best Mini Film, Independents Film Festival, Tampa 2009

RELATIONSHIP CARD - Best Concept, Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival 2009

ALWAYS LATE - Time Warner's On Demand Short Film Contest, 2009

ALWAYS LATE - Audience Award, 48 Hour Film Project Cincinnati 2004

ALWAYS LATE - Best Use of Prop, 48 Hour Film Project, Cincinnati 2004

ALWAYS LATE - Best Video of the Week, Internet Video Magazine 2005

LICENSE EXAM - Best Video of the Week, Internet Video Magazine 2005

LICENSE EXAM - Fan Favorite Indie Film, MoviesOnline.ca 2005

SIMULACRUM - Best Short Film, Wreck Beach Interntational Film Festival, Canada 2004

SIMULACRUM - 3rd Place Audience Award Sixty Second Film Festival, 2004

ELEVATOR - 2nd Place Best Short Film, Central Nebraska Film Festival, 2005


Guest Lecturer/Panlist on Filmmaking

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Film Festival (Columbus Ohio) 2012
Indiegathering Film Festival (Cleveland Ohio) - 2005-2010
B-Movie Celebration (Indianapolis Indiana) - 2007
It Came From Lake Michigan (Milwaukee Wisconsin) - 2007
Marcon 37 (Columbus Ohio) - 2002

Ohio State Univeristy - Second Reel Filmmaking Club
Ohio State University - Union TV
Ohio State University - Buck-i-TV
DeAnza College - Film Media Class
Dublin Scioto High School - Media Class
Upper Arlington High School - Media Class

The Ohio Center for Broadcasting - Instructor/guest lecturer



Framelines - PBS, creator/producer/director CLICK HERE

Clip Frames - Time Warner/Cox Cable, creator/director CLICK HERE

Down the Road - In Country/Time Warner, editor

Cinema & Sounds – half hour TV show UPN WWHO 53/Compton Creative


Lighting/Grip Credits

Ghost Reader - 7M Pictures
The Big Date - Millstone Movies
A Taxing Matter - A to Zed Productions
Concupiscence - Sonnyboo Productions
Bitter Old Man - Sonnyboo Productions


Additional Credits

The Big Date (co-producer) - Millstone Movies
A Taxing Matter (producer) - A to Zed Productions
Hippie Highway (co-producer) – SLM Films
Waiting (story by & producer) – directed by Micah Jenkins
Grudge Match (story by & producer) – directed by Derek Rimelspach
Business Solutions (executive producer) – directed by Linda Byrket
The Warning (co-producer/co-editor/sound design) – directed by C. Alec Rossel
The Bag (sound designer/post production supervisor) – directed by C. Alec Rossel
Evilution (visual FX) – directed by Derek Rimelspach
Turkey Day (sound re-recordist) – directed by Louie Cowan
In The Belly of the Ship (editor/graphics)- PBS/Tavares Teleproductions
Character Education "Life's Report Card" (editor/graphics)- PBS/Tavares Teleproductions
Finding Beverly (co-editor) - Media Networking Promotions
MANN DRINKS ENERGY DRINK (editor/co-writer) - spec spot for RED BULL/Barking Jake Productions
Ghost Reader (opening titles) - 7M Pictures
Cinemadness (special animations) - Barking Jake Productions
" Do That Den" music video (editor/graphics)- Credelle Corleone/Saunders Cinematography
Going Corporate (additional editing) - Silver Gecko Productions
Tim Hagan For Govenor 2002 (editor/graphics)- Hagan/Tavares Campaign
Second Reel Filmmaking Club (animated logo) - Ohio State University
Antonio's Hair & Nail Show (opening titles) - Antonio Productions
Antonio's Fashion Video Magazine (opening titles) - Antonio Productions



Quotes about Peter John Ross

Microcinema Magazine says, "Ross will remain one of the all-time innovative leaders in the Microcinema movement."


"Peter John Ross may be arguably the best aspiring filmmaker all around that is capable of delivering a feature product tomorrow that I have seen come to Indietalk.com. He is there because he has put in the time, money, and willpower to get there. Read his story on his website. If he is successful, he will be a true rags to riches story. You may not want to emulate his films, or his style, but you have to admire his drive and determination to reach the point where he is. "

- Trevor Greenfield


"American-award winning film maker Peter John Ross is a versatile artist with more than over a hundred film and music in his curriculum vitae. From comedy to drama Ross's success resides in an open quirky narrative and a very inventive plot providing actors with loads of support and free expression in his entertaining and arty films."

- Colin Chapman, Panartist London UK


"Peter John Ross's enthusiasm and hard work has been a great asset to filmmaking in Central Ohio. His formation of the Columbus Filmmakers Consortium and classes on filmmaking have been a major force in keeping filmmaking vibrant."

- Scott Spears, Emmy Winning Director of Photography - Ohio
- scottspears_ film@yahoo.com


“Peter John Ross is a very prolific and enthusiastic filmmaker who has put a great deal of effort into promoting local independent filmmaking and bringing together a community of local filmmakers and actors. He has a real talent for promotion. He has helped pioneer the short, easily downloadable movie mass distributed via the web. He has become well known in a very short period of time working with this local film community and distributing numerous short films through a vast network of film web sites. His tireless perseverance is certain to gain him a long successful career.”

- Don Drennan, 3D animator & head of Columbus Movie Club
- dondrennan@co re.com


"Peter John Ross is tireless in his efforts to help other filmmakers do the most important thing that a filmmaker can do.... finish their movie. From starting the Columbus Film Consortium, (a monthly educational and social gathering of filmmakers), to building editing workstations, organizing screenings, posting web articles on filmmaking, providing useful film materials for free on his website and doing ADR on one of my own movies, Peter John Ross has made a positive impact on independent filmmaking in the Midwest for many of us who pursue this as their dream. He has shot numerous short films and puts great effort into promoting them on the Internet, thereby providing opportunities for actors & crew to learn by experience and have their work showcased to the world."

- Louie Cowan, Red Key productions – Delaware, Ohio
- louie@NOSPAM-redkeyproductions.com


“Peter John Ross is one of the more influential filmmakers in Central Ohio. He’s put together film festivals to help local talent get recognized, he’s helped filmmakers with their editing or offered helpful tips on the best way to complete a project, and he’s been a great source of information for younger, more inexperienced filmmakers. It is because of Peter John Ross that local filmmakers have an outlet to show their work. Quite honestly, the art scene in Central Ohio would be vastly different if Peter John Ross wasn’t involved.”

- Vidas Barzdukas, Columbus filmmaker
- Vidas_Barzdukas@mcgraw -hill.com


“Peter John Ross has been a great inspiration for filmmakers in Ohio, he has helped many in providing his expertise and he also had helped increase the awareness in filmmaking both in Columbus and in Cleveland. I've enjoyed watching his many films and will continue to do so.”

- Johnny Wu, MDI Film and head of Indieclub Cleveland
- johnny@ mdifilm.com


“Peter John Ross has been a huge influence on my filmmaking career. His work and efforts in the Columbus filmmaking community have been invaluable to many aspiring filmmakers. He has been instrumental in helping to get my films shown to large audiences via local film festivals. He has assisted me with editing problems, and has actually helped me put together a new editing system. Peter John Ross's films are technically alluring and ambitiously entertaining.”

- Michael Evanichko, Columbus Producer/Director
- Excursion Theatre Productions maevanichko@yahoo.com


“Peter John Ross is a core leader for the filmmakers in Columbus. He has helped starting filmmakers by letting them learn by working on his innovative projects and then he will work on their first projects. He takes those works and make sure they are seen by as many people as possible in as many venues as possible. Columbus owes Peter John Ross a debt of gratitude.”

- Bret Dahlgren, Columbus Filmmaker
- bret@dahl gren.com


“I believe that Peter John Ross has done a lot for filmmakers here in Ohio. As an actor he's given me roles, let me help on set and just been a great friend along the way. When I'm not acting he's helping me with whatever he can, rather it be letting me use his editing machine for a movie I shot or giving me a ride to Cleveland to go to Indie Club meetings. I've seen him several times Ross giving back to the filmmakers of Columbus by helping them in one way or another. To sum it up, it would hard for me to say Peter John Ross is the reason I'm making movies, but it would be even harder to say that he is not the reason.”

- Jason Morris, Columbus actor and producer
- ridnspinn as@yahoo.com


“I've known Peter John Ross for 5 years and can say without hesitation that he's one of the most passionate filmmakers I've ever met. He's uniquely gifted in the science of filmmaking, as well as the art, and continues to elevate his game with each successive project. He's also largely responsible for the emergence of the independent film community in Columbus, Ohio... not just because of his films, but also because he so generously contributes his time, talent, and resources to others.”

- J. David Hall, Columbus filmmaker
- hallb ox@hotmail.com


“The Columbus, Ohio filmmaking community would not be what it is without the diligent efforts of Peter John Ross. He has been a part of just about every filmmaking experience I've had in the last three years, either as an assistant to a new director, as an editor, as an advisor, or the leader of the project. His knowledge is immense and his willingness to help everyone around them achieve a completed project is unparalleled. Those that have worked with Ross know that when he starts a project, it's something that will not only be finished but will be seen by as many people as possible. Peter John Ross is tireless in promoting his works and tireless in helping others promote theirs. Aside from all of these things, he's also a really good friend. “

- Holly Magnani, Columbus filmmaker & actress
- hmag nani@yahoo.com


“Peter John Ross is one of the hardest working filmmakers I know. In addition to making his own great films, he has committed himself to helping out other filmmakers, striving to create a supportive community. To do this he leads by example, offering advice, technical support, resources and even going to so far as to create opportunities for other filmmakers to screen their work. His talent matched only by his hustle.”

- Mickey Fisher, Ohio filmmaker
- leosprid eent@yahoo.com


“Ross has been an inspiration to local filmmakers. He is always ready to help promote the film community in general, not just his own personal
projects. I have had the pleasure of working with Ross on multiple projects and he has proven to be not only a good person, but also a good filmmaker and a dedicated worker. He is reliable and trustworthy and I will continue to call on his expertise for future projects.”

- Emily Davis, Founder: Sivad Film Festival, Director: Short Stop Theater
- emilyd avisis@hotmail.com


“Ross is one of the few filmmakers in town who you can always count on to actually finish what he starts. He has done an enormous amount of work to encourage collaboration of folks in the Columbus film community, from organizing screenings, classes, and meetings, to doing every kind of behind the scenes work to help people get their film projects started, completed, and marketed. I am grateful that he built my website, www.lisavana.com, that I can now use to help market myself as an actor and acting instructor.”

- Lisa Vana, Ohio actress
- LisaVana2 2@aol.com


“I met Ross fours ago through the Columbus Filmmaker's Consortium. Ross worked tirelessly to set up meetings and speakers for the CFC's monthly events, and through this exposure, people began calling him at home - literally any time of the day and night - to get advice, ask questions, and request favors. I watched Ross give of his time and his talents to help many an aspiring filmmaker learn his craft and complete his projects, all while keeping his great sense of humor. Ross has also been instrumental in getting out the word on where filmmakers can screen their projects. In Columbus, Ross is the man to see if you want to start a project, or need a hand (equipment, advice, crew) in completing one. His own films have made me laugh ("Line of Masculinity") and made me think ("Bitter Old Man"), and provide a glimpse into his thoughtful and unique take on the world.”

- Noreen Compton, Writer/Producer www.comptoncreative.com
- noreen_co mpton@hotmail.com


"Peter John Ross has been a fixture of the local filmmaking community for many years. He has written, directed and produced many quality films and has had them shown everywhere. He continues to improve with each project and always finds a new challenge to tackle. Besides his own work he has helped me out tremendously and has also tirelessly helped out many other filmmakers. He has helped me write better scripts, find the proper equipment including building me an editing machine and has helped to find places to have the films shown after they are completed. I have seen Peter John Ross do all this and more for many filmmakers without asking anything in return."

- Derek Rimelspach, SLM FILMS writer/director
- Derek@sl mfilms.com


“Peter John Ross's efforts are the life's blood of filmmaking in Columbus, Ohio. His insatiable appetite for production and relentless promotional efforts are earning recognition for our humble little community across the globe. His commitment to the work, as well as the success of other local artists is, quite simply, unparalleled.”

- George Caleodis, actor/Improv instructor, former mainstage cast Second City Cleveland
- george@ caleodis.com


“Peter John Ross is the kind of filmmaker every community wishes they had. Aside from the fact that he is constantly making films, he is always helping out other filmmakers. Even if they don't know it, other Columbus filmmaker’s benefit greatly from the notoriety and publicity Ross manages to generate for himself. I have personally asked Ross for a few favors, and he has always been there for me, always. That says a lot about his character and his devotion to this medium.”

- Alec Rossel, Senior producer/director - MapTorch Films
- alecr ossel@yahoo.com

“Peter John Ross has been essential in connecting local filmmakers to create an exciting film community in Columbus, OH. I am especially grateful to him for his hand in organizing a film festival that enabled me to show my movie on the big screen for the first time. I also praise his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge on the subject of film and look forward to working with him more in the future.”

- David Morrow, Columbus Filmmaker
- morro w01@email.franklin.edu


“Peter John Ross is the closest to a leprechaun that the world has to offer. While searching for his own pot of gold, he isn't so lacking in self-confidence to think better of aiding others in their search, going as far as to point out places he's already tried, giving helpful advice, and even offering to carry part of some other gold-digger's gear to lighten their load. Ross is the most selfless, thoughtful, and creatively inspiring filmmaker I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He will not only find his pot 'o gold, but he will lead others to theirs too. So despite the lack of evidence (i.e. no brown buckle shoes, no green derby, no cob pipe, and no grizzled beard), Ross is the closest thing to a leprechaun the world has to offer me."

- David Grant, Millstone Movies Westerville Ohio
- Paul Squall@aol.com


“There is no one else that I know who has done more to help fellow filmmakers in the Columbus area than Peter John Ross. He has personally assisted me in my creative endeavors in a number of roles. Whether it has been helping me build a personal editing system, screening films of mine at local festivals, or helping out on crew for a film shoot, Ross has always been there to help. As a fellow filmmaker, I admire Ross' commitment to completing films, promoting them, and getting them before the public eye. Peter John Ross is not only a talented filmmaker himself; he has also helped many others in their pursuit to be the same.”

- Jon Osbeck, Barking Jake Productions Columbus Ohio
- barki ngjake@yahoo.com


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