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The Quarry

The Quarry - 4 minutes, Action (2004)

(originally chapter 5 in the Back Office series)


LOGLINE: One man’s lazy day of cell phone chitchat is interrupted by a murderous shakedown that leads to a frantic chase as two corrupt undercover cops hunt him down.



As he yaks on his cell about everything from stocks to relationships to illegal activity, Noel decides to take a short cut through an alleyway on his way to a job interview. He stumbles upon a group of men, two undercover drug agents and a third man lying defeated on the ground.

After recovering a bag full of white powder, one of the cops shoots and kills the suspect. Noel is an unfortunate witness to all of this, and decides to get out of Dodge. But the narcs hear him scuttle away and give chase, hoping to quell the threat he poses as a witness.

Sprinting down busy city streets and multiple flights of stairs and hiding in parking garages, Noel finally gets away from the two men. Alone on the roof of a building, Noel is exhausted, confused, and worried. Then, a gunshot cracks through the air.



  • starring Milan A. Cargould, Glen Littlejohn, Jeff Krider, & Dan "ROCK" Peterson
  • written & directed by Peter John Ross
  • produced by Sonny Boo
  • cinematography by Matthias Saunders
  • edited by Peter John Ross
  • additional camera work by John Fromes
  • music by Jeff Krider
  • shot on location in downtown Columbus, Ohio USA
  • copyright 2004


Behind the Scenes

Shot on location in downtown Columbus, and we got removed from the parking garage. We went through 3 break away glasses, and everyone really enjoyed hitting wedding videographer Dan "ROCK" Peterson over the head. Used a Canon Optura Mini DV camcorder, and edited on Adobe Premeire 5.1 for inclusion with the BACK OFFICE series, now a stand alone piece. Shot in March of 2000. Re-edited from scratch in Nov 2003, the QUARRY takes on a new dimension of picture and sound quality, re-added to in Dec 2003.

on location downtown Columbus


Official Selection to THE PITTSBURG FILM WORKERS FILM FESTIVALon June 4th, 2005 at 8:30PM Click Here for more info

Pitsburg Film Fest

Official Selection to the DESERT REEL FILM FESTIVAL in Midland & Odessa, Texas on April 21st-24th, 2005 click here for more


Official Selection to the CINEMASLAM program of short films at Ann Arbor Michigan Theatre February 8th, 2005. click here for more


Official Selection to the Blue November Microcinema Screening at Oklahoma State University in the Tulsa audtiorium - Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 19th, 2004

Blue November Microcienma Screening

Official Selection to the Cincinnati International Film Festival in Cincinnati, OH on October 23rd, 2004

Central Nebraska Film Fest

Official Selection to the Nebula Film Festival screenings in Chicago, IL on July 27th, 2004.

Nebula Film Fest

Official Selection to the Twisted Spine Micro Film Festival screenings in Cleveland Ohio on May 22nd, 2004.

Twisted Spine

Official Selection to the Mad River Microcinema screenings in Billings, Montana on May 9th and 11th, 2004.

Mad River

Official Selection at the IU South Bend Film & Video Festival in South Bend, Inidiana University April 9th, 10th, 2004.

IU Festival

Official Selection to the Sivad Film Festival April 2004 : Saturday, April 24, 2004, 2pm- 5pm @ Studio 35 ( CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

click here for info

Official Selection at the Wreck Beach Film Festival in Ontario, Canada June 19th-20th, 2004

Official Selection to ARLENE's GROCERY PICTURE SHOW in New York, NY April 11th, 2004

Arelene's Grocery

The Quarry will play at the INDIECLUB CLEVELAND meeting February 15th, 2004

Official Selection at the Wellfair Film Festival in Atlanta, GA January 27th, 2004.

Sivad Festival

Played at the Ohio Independent Film Festival in November 2000

Official Selection the Drop Your Shorts Film Festival in July 2001.

Drop Your Shorts

It was also an official selection for the Showtime Channel's ALTERNATIVE MEDIA FESTIVAL in 2001.

The music is by Jeff Krider, the drummer from the local band VPRIME - click here for more info

Back Office
The Back Office series was the first short movie venture from SONNYBOO PRODUCTIONS, and began lifelong friendships & working relationships. Often very rough & not so good in the writing/directing, the art of making movies was learned on these shoots. Watching Back Office shorts are a journey into the evolution of an apsiring filmmaker.





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