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The Job Interview - 2 minutes, Comedy (2000)

Originally the 6th chapter in the Back Office series.


In this episode of Back Office we learn that being a smart-a** may just land you a job.

Shown on a November 2000 episode of "YOU MADE IT" on TECH TV.

In this episode of Back Office a young man gives the interview we'd all love to emulate. Refusing to give a straight answer, he decides instead to be sarcastic, snide, and inappropriately sexual whenever possible.

What was his salary at his last job? "Just under slave wage with incentive for suicide.? What is his desired salary? "$125,000 with a corner office." What other talents does he have? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and so on.

If you think he’s blowing it, think again. Sometimes the smart-ass wins. The Job Interview humorous look at the utter ridiculousness of the interview process.



  • starring Tom Somers & Lara Brown
  • written & directed by Peter John Ross
  • produced by Sonny Boo
  • camera work by John Fromes
  • edited by Peter John Ross
  • music by Jeff Krider
  • additional music by Peter John Ross
  • additional sound FX editing by Maurice L. Ruckman Jr.
  • Special Thanks to SECURITY at Banc One
  • copyright 2004


Behind the Scenes

The Job Interview represents the first ever Short, written & directed by Peter John Ross, and the inagural piece of the Sonnyboo. Often very rough, & not so good in the writing/directing, the art of making movies was learned on these shoots. Watching Back Office shorts are a journey into the evolution of an apsiring filmmaker at the very cusp.

Newly re-edited in November 2003 for distribution.

Shot in January of 2000 at the home office of the Banc One Securities Corp, in the very same room and seats where the writer/director would later be fired for making this movie. Irony was abound.

Used a JVC Mini DV camcorder, no lights, or any skill whatsoever, and edited, by a then completely green editor (who happens to be the writer & director). Edited with Adobe Premiere 5.0 and still considered to be the singular worst shot piece in the Sonnyboo lexicon.


Official Selection to the Sivad Film Festival April 2004 : Saturday, April 24, 2004, 2pm- 5pm @ Studio 35 ( CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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Official Selection the Drop Your Shorts Film Festival in July 2001.


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