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Asphyxiated Heart - 4 minutes, Chick Flick (2000)

(originally the 3rd chapter in the Back Office Series)


LONGLINE: Charlie must deal with the painful task of taking Elizabeth, a consultant for his company whom he has fallen for, to the airport for her flight back to Boston and out of his life forever.


In this third episode about life in the office, Charlie chats with Mark about a temp who has just been taken out of the office in handcuffs. Mark suggests that the man was responsible for the three missing women in the finance department, and now that the temp is gone, there’s no one to take Elizabeth, the consultant with whom Charlie has been forming a relationship, to the airport.

Mark offers to let Charlie borrow his car so her can drive Elizabeth to the airport. Once there, the situation is rife with tension. Charlie begs Elizabeth to stay with him rather than return to Boston. In a heart-wrenching scene of desperation, the two embrace before Elizabeth boards the plane.

The walk back to his car is long and gloomy, but someone is following him. Someone calls his name as he comes to the car. Could it be Elizabeth? Or is it the executives he was supposed to pick up after dropping Elizabeth off, forgotten in all the sadness and strife? Good old-fashioned drama is at the heart of this quaint episode of Back Office.



  • starring Sam Sgro & Lisa Vana
  • written & directed by Peter John Ross
  • produced by Sonny Boo
  • boom mic by Glen Littlejohn
  • Stunt Driving - Brandy Seymour
  • cinematography by Matthias Saunders
  • edited by Peter John Ross
  • animation by the TRIPLE BY-PASS CAFE
  • music by Kraig Phillips and Peter John Ross
  • copyright 2000


Behind the Scenes

Shot with a Canon Optura Mini DV and edited with Adobe Premiere 5.1, Asphyxiated Heart has been edited down from it's original 6 minute run time to a paltry 4 minutes. It's original introduction was a link to the BACK OFFICE series, but is now a stand alone piece. Shot in April of 2000, and debuted online in May of 2000.

The location was CMH Columbus Airport, and permission was granted. Later that year, Steven Soderberg and his crew shot scenes for the movie TRAFFIC there, and broke their agreements with the airport. The sceens were cut from the movie, and the airport has a strict policy of not allowing any films to be shot there under any circumstance.

In 2003, this short was used as the basis of an ANIMATION.

Back Office
The Back Office series was the first short movie venture from SONNYBOO PRODUCTIONS, and began lifelong friendships & working relationships. Often very rough & not so good in the writing/directing, the art of making movies was learned on these shoots. Watching Back Office shorts are a journey into the evolution of an apsiring filmmaker.


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Sivad Festival

Official Selection at the Queen City Film Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio September 13th, 2003.

Sivad Festival

Official Selection the Drop Your Shorts Film Festival in July 2001.

It was also an official selection for the Showtime Channel's ALTERNATIVE MEDIA FESTIVAL in 2001.






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