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Film School Graduate - 1 minute, Comedy (2003)  

Can you tell a story in a single shot? "One Shots" are a filmmaking excersize where we try to tell a simple, but complete story in a single shot.

Synopsis - What happens when you sink all your money into film school ? What becomes of 40% of the graduates ?


Official Selection for the SIXTY SECOND FILM FESTIVAL 2004 Online Festival MORE INFO HERE


Official Selection at the Ohio Independent Film Festival in Cleveland, Ohio November 6th, 2003.


Official Selection to the FLICKER FILM FESTIVAL in Austin Texas, Wednesday, May 21st, at 7:00 pm at the Alamo Downtown and at the Chapel Hill N.C. Flicker on May 4th, 2003.. The Flicker Film Festivals are almost exclusively for Super 8 movie film. MORE INFO HERE. Official Selection to the Flicker Film Festival LAS VEGAS March 21st 2004, 8:PM @ The New York Cafe ( [ MORE INFO ]

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Official Selection to the GIGGLESHORTS International Comedy Short Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, as a part of the "Mini Giggles" June 12th, 2003 and also the GiggleShorts Film Festival, "Largest Comedy Shorts Festival in the world", September 24-28th, 2003

Giggle Shorts site

Official Selection at the Freight Film Salon in New York City on June 9th, 2003.

Sivad Festival

Official Selection to the FOXGRAPE FILM SERIES

Official Selection at the Queen City Film Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio September 13th, 2003.

Sivad Festival




  • Starring George Caleodis, & Holly Magnani
  • Directed by Peter John Ross
  • Written by George Caleodis, Holly Magnani, & Peter John Ross
  • Produced by George Caleodis, Joe Teeters, & Sonny Boo
  • Voice Over by Nate Hodges
  • Music by David Schmoll & Peter John Ross
  • Cinematography - John Fromes
  • Colourist - Doug at the Transferstation
  • First Asst. Director - Derek Rimelspach
  • Editor - Peter John Ross
  • Dolly Grip - Brandy Seymour
  • Special Thanks to SECOND CITY CLEVELAND, Kim Viccarone, Tavares Teleproductions, & Holly Magnani


Behind the Scenes

Shot on Super 8 Kodak Kodachrome 40 Movie Film with a Nikon R10 camera, telecine done at The Transferstation in California.

George Caleodis was born and reared in Steubenville, Ohio (home of Traci Lords), and earned a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from The Ohio State University. Caleodis made his improvisation and comedy debut in Columbus, Ohio and has performed with Cabaret Dada, Midwest Comedy Tool & Die and The Slipshod Theatre Company. His stand-up credits include opening for Rita Rudner, Larry 'Uncle Lar' Reeb, and The Righteous Brothers.

Holly Magnani is a local Columbus actress who has done several short films with many local filmmakers including SIZE 7 RED.

David Schmoll brings more than 20 years of professional touring and recording experience to northeast Ohio's theater community. An accomplished musician, producer, and teacher, he is equally at home on stage, in the studio, or in the classroom. He has served as music director for Cabaret Dada Improvisational Theater, The Cleveland Play House Reading Company, Habitat For Insanity and Girls With Big Wits. Dave can also be heard rocking out on the new studio release from Kent-based acoustic funk duo 2 Skinny Dorks.






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