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I just wanted to say thanks. You've got a lot of helpful info on your website. I'm a few steps back from where you're at. It's nice to have a resource like the one that your website provides. That's really the key to indie filmmaking, contributing to the welfare of the up and coming.

Thanks again,



Mr Ross,
I loved the editing tips on your site!...very clear and mega-useful...

also, I've worked primarily as a composer and sound designer -- most notably as the assistant music editor on Twin Peaks and Wild At Heart and most recently as a sound designer on a documentary I just finished being sound guy on in Germany -- anyway, I'm currently writing a short but want to know more about there a book on editing aesthetic and technique you could recommend (besides the '...Blink of an Eye' book by Murch)?
thanks for the great site chock filled with info! keep up the great work!!


I wanna say thank you im in the process of saving for a camera i feel i got a good script or two and your site and info helped me answer some questions that i couldnt before find answers too.So once again Thank You sir. People now a days feel giving lack of info may cancel determined competition.
My name is Paul


i'm a young (hope to be) film-maker in the United Kingdom and have just seen clips of your movie and i must say that i was very impressed with the work and results that you and your team have produced. it is very ispiring to see such a result from pure effort and commitment. i saw the trailer for your movie through a link on the website and followed it up to find your website. i'm very glad i did.

i just happened to stumble across the website today whilst looking for information on directors tips and so on, it is quite a good site and a brilliant platform to showcase talent not yet recognised. i hope to be able to post some of my own work on it later on in my career.

thanks alot,

Chris Hawksey




You are truly a great person for giving us these free resources. I bookmarked this site before I even looked at anything. Something told me to do it. Truly professional!

I wish you wealth, fame and success!

Andy Miller


I just wanted to thank you!
I've been perusing your website and reading your tutorials, and I just really wanted to show my appreciation for putting them online. I have been wanting to attend film school for a while, but just can't raise the money, so resources on the web have been my education so far. With some friends from high school I've been making movies since grade 11, but now I'm really seriously getting into the business of film, and trying to learn the more technical nuances. We are in post of a feature film which we will be premiering in Toronto and entering festivals with, but looking back, I see how even though it is a great film, so many aspects were just unchecked or otherwise neglected. It was a great learning experience, but I'm writing new material and plan to film another using those lessons, and your tutorials have proved invaluable to the aid of that education (and very entertaining to read as well). I really just wanted to show my appreciation to you (and Scott Spears) for making them available to everyone. This is incredibly sappy, but sometimes you have to suck up your manliness and say exactly how you feel, so... Thanks!
It's nice to know there is a film community out there with your kind of helpful attitude, and ego-less charm. There's always stuff to learn... the hard part is finding where to start.
So in conclusion... keep up the good work- I, and I'm sure others, appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.

-Logan- Toronto, Canada

PS- Let's do lunch! You like Chinese?


I always like being supportive of anything you do. There are so many people, so many that you may never meet face to face, who's lives and careers have been touched by your altruistic efforts.





Greetings. I consider myself a begining filmmaker and have been inspired by your work and your website.

I have two reasons I'm emailing you.

One, may I link to your website?

Also, I've created a short and used one of your free music pieces, giving you full "Music composed & performed by Peter John Ross, courtesy of" credit as requested on your website and just wanted to let you know how perfect the piece fit into the short.

The short is available here

Thanks for your time.

Rob Yannetta, Owner
Loud Orange Cat Productions


Thank you for taking the time to put together your free downloads page. For a newcomer looking to put together a no-budget short, it has been invaluable. I am recommending your site to everyone I know out here trying to break in.

Brian Wakabayashi
Santa Ana, California


The "Glorious" team headed out to the Cinequest film fest for the finals of the 48 HFP a few weeks back in San Jose California. While I was talking with one guy (forget his name at the moment but he's with StoryPipe) he was discussing his website, and that we were from Ohio, and suddenly he asked 'do you know Peter John Ross?' He went on to say that he was a fan of your work and that he planned on hosting quite a few of your pieces. Just thought you'd be interested in hearing that the Boo has some buzz in San Jose, CA

Ryan Lewis


just stumbled upon your site. it is wonderful!




My name is John and I just want to say that I really enjoy your short films, and I found your website to be enormously helpful. I am a fairly new filmmaker. I have made a couple of shorts, a few music videos, shot a step-sisters wedding, and some other odd things just to practice. Reading your articles was like getting kicked in the balls, then being told how to grow them back. I can't thank you enough for what you are doing for the indie film community, and more specifically me. I had become discouraged a short while ago and was thinking that I just don't have what it takes to do well in this industry. You made me remember how much I love it. I plan to put up a few questions on your board soon, but for the time being, is there anything you can tell me which would make me feel better about spending as much money as I did on my xl1s. I love it but everything people have said on your sight seems to put it down. And Scott Spears, a man who I respect says he doesn't like the xl1s. I'm not asking for you to lie to me but a little bit of encouragement will go a long way. This will definitely not be my last contact with you from my end, actually you'll probably grow tired of my stupid questions quite quickly. Thanks again for everything you've done. hope to hear from you soon.

Your newest Fan!! and supporter
John Long aka samurai

THANK YOU so much for putting the download section up on web. Tremendous resource.

Thanx again for putting in ALL the hard work/time on this site. Have a great day.
- Chris Rodgers


Mr. Ross,
I have been producing/filming/directing/editing my own films/videos for several years now...

About two or three years ago I decided to "go pro" with my obsession. And I have been going "by the seat of my pants", "playing it by ear" if you will. No film school, no formal training... Just doing it. Purchasing the equipment as I found I needed it, the same with software etc... Researching, studying, reading, experimenting, pure trial and error filmmaking!

More often than not the results are just what I wanted. With a few hysterical exceptions! :-) I could make a fortune with my "blooper reels"! Recently I came across and registered with Which is where, through your assistance I "discovered" your website. This is where I realized just how much I was doing right, and of course how much I was doing wrong. The latter thankfully was a much smaller percentage!
How can I thank you enough for all that you offer to the Independent Film community?
And obviously to me!

From the overlays to the paperwork templates to the royalty free music... But most importantly all of the PRICELESS advice and information! You, Sir, are a wonderful human being! And I wanted to write you this note to say thank you!

I want to promise and assure you that all of my productions will absolutely contain a prominent credit you!

Thank you so much for all of the information and advice!
You have helped me immeasurably!



I just wanted to let you know I found your website by accident today and downloaded one of your short films.

I admire your drive and determination.

I'm working to create a new site for independent filmmakers.

I hope to put one of my own animated films in full production soon...

Never lose your positive attitude.
Stan Lozowski


Hello there, My name's Chris, I'm from the UK. A friend recently linked me to your site and I was astonished and in awe of your work. It's very authentic and realistic. The strange thing is, that prior to seeing the site, me and a few mates made a film in which a section from the army make their way through a forest on a mission, whilst being taunted by a creature. If you'd like to take a look, you can visit our site here

Many Thanks,
Chris Burrage UK


Hi Peter,

Just wanted to say I enjoy your work and thanks for
sharing filmmaker resources. Keep it up!



I and my husband are starting a independent film company. we have cable access and a SONY PD-150. All the info on your site helped a lot. THANK YOU!!!

Kristi and Erick Thurman



I got hooked into your site via Mac Format’s CD—thanks so much for all this great stuff! I teach media productions at a high school in Maryland, and while I want to give my students the most “real” experience possible, a public school’s budget is not a movie-maker’s dream. Your templates, sounds, suggestions are top-notch, and my students will go nuts with them!

What a nice thing to do--


Meg Render

Hi Peter,
Just a short note - dunno if you'll ever see it - to thank you for your wise web words. As an independant film maker just starting out in the UK I found your articles on film making both infomative and inspirational. I've seen all your stuff on 3btv and it gives us all a standard to work towards.

Many thanks again, maybe I'll join you for a few drinks stateside a few years down the line.
Mark Winthrope UK


Dude, you rule...this is one of the best sites for fledgling filmmakers I have ever seen. (it's kinda like an idiot's guide to filmmaking...much needed by myself). Thanks for all you are doing...peace,

Sam Colson
"Feed the Dog" productions...
Orr's Island, Maine



I just wanted to say thank you for putting all the downloads you have online and in one place! (I may have already emailed you "Thank You" before because I found something else I was looking for-I keep finding the forms on your
site). Anyway, seriously Thank You, you have saved me a lot of time.

Thanks again.

All the best,

Kate Barry
Platform Productions
Brooklyn, NY


Mr. Ross,
It's a rare Saturday night that I don't have a wedding to video tape, so I'm surfing the net and I find your website. Lots of good info for free and I will definitely be using some. I get to your Film Flams & Scams page and burst out laughing as I'm reading about "Weddingman". I've met so many of him that nothing you said surprised me.....your writing style however was really amusing.

My husband and I are making a travel video (I've no desire to make a feature film) and I'm sure we'll find your website a valuable resource. Oh, and do you ever work for free?????? ....just kidding.
Judy Handley
Handley Video Productions


Hello fellow filmmaker,
I'm also an independent film maker and I just finished watching New World. Not too bad given when it was made. Anyway, I've got my own DVD of a short film (plus much more!) I wrote/directed/produced entitled Bullets over Breakfast.

Yours truly,
Ryan Foss
Quantum Petshop


Mr. Ross:
My name is W.J.Bookman and I'm an aspiring filmmaker thanking you for posting "free goodies for filmmakers." That was a great, courageous, and honorable thing to do for those, like myself, who do not have the finances to purchase expensive books. If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I have a website up,, that explains the services I provide. I would also like your permission to link your website up to mine. I'm also going to purchase your DVD.

Again, thank you so much and I wish you the greatest of luck now and in the near future.
Until then,
W.J. Bookman

"work with what you got"


Hey I've been reading alot of your articles, and they've really helped me along.

Kris Kinsella
Angry Asian Face Films


Hi Peter,
I found your fantastic site whilst in desperate need of some royalty free music for a mini documentary I am doing.
I am an Australian independent filmmaker and have made a doco for one of our national television stations.

Thanks heaps
Alison Leonard


This might seem strange, but I am your BIGGEST FAN!!! I don't know if you hear that alot, but its true, I admire you and your work, I read all your articles and lead my life via may think what sado is this bothering to e-mail me? Well my name is Matt, I am from Scotland and I run a small time film making group called MIR Studios (it does not really stand for anything at the mo, but ideas are welcome) I have followed youe advice on all aspects of filmmaking. I also have a website, it will soon be the MIR Studios website, but for now its pretty useless.

Matt. – UK

Too often I read articles on the internet and just click on the next site without commenting. I've noticed your posts on several different forums over the past year. You have a lot of good stuff to offer filmmakers and I really appreciate it. I especially enjoyed an article I found on microcinema scene that you wrote about the different scams and cons. Great reading ! I love your enthusiasm and drive. I can relate.
So .... Thanks !

Jim Quinlan
Clearwater, Florida


Hello, I really like the web site a lot of free information and downloads you have available



I came across your site today and just want to express my appreciation for what you provide. It's incredibly generous of you, and I sincerely hope that the universe rewards you for your generosity.
Jon McPhalen
Actor / Writer / (aspiring) Director

Congratulations on your election to the Top Ten 0f 2004. I have learned from and enjoyed the articles you have posted on microcinemascene and internetvideomagazine. Practical, honest advice coupled with smartmouth humor. My favorite style. I am an Indianapolis music scene veteran returning to the scene after raising my children, with an interest in placing music in film. I am currently financing and supporting Bunk Films' 'Hair Trigger 2: No Mercy', and it was on Tino's board I saw your post about the Top Ten. I want to thank you especially for recommending the use of local musical talent for soundtrack work. I am promoting that here as well, and as my son is a student at Herron School of Art here in Indianapolis, I am also promoting the use of local artists' work as set dressing, with, of course, trailing credit mention.

Congratulations again,
Joe Martin


Thanks for all the info you've put out there. In trolling around the internet to get hints and ideas for independent filmmaking, your name and films kept coming up.

Copil Yane

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