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Drink it Up!

Now Available, a 244 page book by Peter John Ross, called TALES FROM THE FRONT LINE OF INDIE FILMMAKING. It features cautionary tales and tips for the Camcorder Kubricks and Backyard Spielbergs. CLICK HERE to purchase - only $14.99 (or CLICK HERE for a 9 page sample in Adobe Acrobat format)

Television Outlets


cable/satellite short film channel

Movieola Submissions
2844 Dundas Street West,
Toronto ON  M6P 1Y7


Propeller TV

Propeller TV,the new SKY channel that will showcase the best in new film and TV talent, launches February 2006. The channel, set up by East Coast Media and The Image Channel Company with the aid of a 2.9 million investment from Yorkshire Forward, will offer a free European platform for filmmakers to showcase their work.

Propeller TV is currently scouting for new talent to showcase on one of the exciting programming strands that the channel will offer. Film First showcase will be an entertaining blend of film shorts, film festival premieres, film news, reviews and insight from the film industry that will put new TV and film talent in the spotlight.

please send your film on DVD with your full contact details to:

John Offord,
Propeller TV,
c/o Screen Yorkshire,
46 The Calls,



Britshorts is continuing to acquire titles for its award winning international catalogue of short films. Working hard to expand the number of distribution outlets for short film, we supply content to over ninety syndication partners worldwide.
Send your film to:

Britshorts Ltd
25 Beak Street
London W1F 9RT


THE SHORT FILM CHANNEL on Manhatten Neighborhood Network

every saturday night at 1:00am (sunday morning)

Time Warner Cable channel 34

without a box channel 78
RCN Cable 107, digital 110.

send films to:

Michael Mizrahi
117 Waverly Place
suite 2E
New York, N.Y. 10011-9129



a Las Vegas cable TV short film show


Canadian Reflections
CBC national network

Jess Ruge
Program Development Executive, "Canadian Reflections"
website: www.cbc.ca/reflections
e-mail: jess_ruge@cbc.ca.
phone: (416) 205-7165
fax: (416) 205-7107

The mother of all Canadian short film broadcasters, Canadian Reflections has been on the air since 1970. This is the first stop for those trying to sell their films, for one main reason: this show pays real money. Licences are negotiated individually, but are usually around $10,000 per television half-hour pro-rated (which works out to approximately $500 per broadcast minute). This show represents your only chance to earn significant broadcast income. In addition, it is considered the most prestigious broadcast showcase for Canadian short films. Unfortunately, the 3 pm time slot means that films containing profanity, sexual content, nudity or violence cannot be programmed. These movies formerly had the option of going to CBC's other short film showcase, Open Wide; sadly, however, that show is no longer with us.

In the fall of 1997, Canadian Reflections will be broadcast twice a week (once in the usual Friday afternoon slot, plus a repeat on Sunday afternoon). This effectively doubles each film's exposure to a wide national audience.

In addition to completed films, Canadian Reflections will sometimes pre-buy a film at the rough or fine cut stage, in exchange for a "Produced in association with CBC- Television" credit. The show rarely gets involved at a script stage, and only with experienced production teams.

The fee includes 3 years of unlimited plays (in practice, this usually means two or three broadcasts, though shorter films are also occasionally used as network fills). This includes a one-year "first window" in English Canada - in other words, you cannot sell to any other broadcaster for the first year. Don't fret about this - the other broadcasters are realistic enough to wait in line. Canadian Reflections does not place any restrictions on your right to distribute your film to festivals or show your film theatrically; however, some festivals will not consider films which have been previously broadcast.


Movie Max!
(Western International Communications)

Wendy McGee
Director of Programming
ph: (780) 430-2800
fax: (780) 437-3188

The movie networks don't formally program shorts, but they do use them as "interstitials" (that's "filler" to you and me). When the feature ends at 8:37, they need something to help bring them to the top of the hour. Interstitials count as Canadian content, so they do buy quite a few Canuck short films. Movie Max! buys films produced in the 1980's or earlier, so this might be the time to dust off those old demo tapes in your attic. Wendy will view every tape that arrives on her desk, but she particularly looks for 12-15 minute films aimed at a mainstream market (in other words, don't send her your latest experimental expression of angst). A light, fast-paced, well-produced short will have the best chance.

Licence fees are negotiated individually, but are generally in the $100-$300 range for one or two years of unlimited plays, non-exclusive.



Independent Axis is a television show dedicated to showing the material of the artist and providing its viewers with all things independent, local and national. The show is on WTAP TV 15, Digital 49, an NBC affiliate located in the Mid-Ohio Valley, with approximatly 80,000 households and plans to take it to a national level soon. It will air Sarturday night/Sunday morning at 1:00 AM following SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

If you would like your material considered, here is what you need to know.

1. All entries will be required to sign a waiver that permits MDS and WTAP to use their artwork, royalty-free for as long as they deem fit, as well as a music license release form stating the ownership and right to use any piece of music in the artwork.

2. Entries can be sent in the following formats - Data Disc (CD or Standard DVD)
-VHS Tape
-Beta SP Tape
The physical entry will not be returned to the sender. So please send your submission in a format you do not need returned, thank you.

3. If possible please include any bio information about the people responsible for the artwork so that we may use it in the show as well as any other footage you might like reviewed, such as behind the scenes clips.

4. There is no guarantee that an entry will be shown, but all will be considered and could possibly be used later in festivals, live showings, or other such events.

5. Mindjakk Digital Studios/WTAP must receive all entries at least one week before scheduled air date of a specific show to be considered for that show.

Mail all submissions to

Mindjakk Digital Studios
104 Lakeview Center #311
Parkersburg WV, 26101


PBS INDEPENDENT LENS -- INDEPENDENT LENS a 29-week national PBS series showcasing independent documentary programming and dramas, is seeking submissions of completed films for consideration for broadcast during the October 2005 - June 2006 season. Jointly curated by PBS and ITVS, INDEPENDENT LENS welcomes the full spectrum of film — from history to drama to animation to shorts to social-issue subjects. Programs accepted for the series must be compelling, pro-social stories, well told, with elements suited to attracting a national audience. INDEPENDENT LENS seeks work that is innovative, provocative, character driven, and well-crafted. We welcome individual expression and are committed to presenting diverse points of view.


Ancient City Network

Independent Cable Channel 53 of St. Augustine, Florida is looking for short films of 5 to 60 minutes. These films will be shown during commercial breaks to support independent filmmakers by providing exposure to a cable television audience. We are looking for any category of films in either color or black and white. Please include a short bio with contact information or a small clip (<30 seconds) included at the end of your submission. All submissions need to be in NTSC format and stored on DVD, miniDV, or SVHS.

If you have a movie that you would like to have broadcasted, then send your film to :

Brian Mitchell
c/o Ancient City Network
1260 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite E
St. Augustine, FL 32084

All films will be reviewed for content and suitability for display. There is no guarantee that all films will be aired. Tapes will not be returned. Submission of film gives ACN the right to air and edit for time if necessary. No payments will be given for submissions.



Indy Film Showcase
Warren Workman
216 E 600 N
Orem UT 84057

Short film cable show in UTAH that plays in Park City, home of the Sundance Film Festival.

I just thought I would let you know about a new TV show starting it's season this March. The show is called the Indy Film Showcase. As the name hints this is a film critique show but it is ment for the indy filmmaker and indy film fans. The show is to be broadcast all over utah including Park City, the home of Sundance. There is no charge to be on the show (because REAL indy filmmakers have no money). It your interested in haveing your film featured on our show drop me a line at Warren_workman@yahoo.com


Cinema Café, a brand new, monthly indie film & video showcase, will start airing short movies from movie makers in June 2004 on Vision TV. The show will give movie makers the opportunity to show their work to thousands of viewers in Central Florida. The show’s producers would especially like movie shorts from Central Florida film & video makers.

Appearing on Brighthouse Channel #98 and Adelphia Channel #97 in Orange County, Florida, Cinema Café will be a cool, hip TV show that will feature 2 to 3 short movies from indie film makers. All formats & genres are welcome including animation, music video, narrative, experimental, and documentary.

In order to be considered for Cinema Café, film & video makers must

1. Submit movies that are 20 minutes or less.
2. Submit movies that are tasteful. (No pornography or sexual suggestiveness. Although profanity is strongly discouraged, some that is in context with the movie may be accepted, but “beeped” out under the discretion of the producers of Cinema Café.)
3. Submit movies on Beta SP, DV-Cam, or Mini-DV. Every single submission must also include 1 VHS copy of the movie.
4. Submit original works. (Movies should have original music, footage, and writing.)
5. Include the full credit list.
6. Include complete contact information including full name, phone number, physical address, and e-mail address.
7. Include title, production year, total running time, and original shoot format on every single tape.
8. Be willing to sign a release allowing Vision TV the right to air the movie.

All materials should be mailed to:

c/o Orange TV
Orlando Science Center
777 East Princeton Street
Orlando, Florida 32803
Attention: Bill Suchy


Questions may be e-mailed to cinemacafetv@hotmail.com


"The Mike Messier Show", a public access TV show that runs on CH 18 Saturday night at Midnight in Rhode Island, is calling for SHORT FILMS, ANIMATION, COMEDIC SKETCHES, MUSIC VIDEOS, and other performances on
VHS, mini-dv, or DVD formats. Send materials to:

Mike Messier
73 Simmons Street
Providence, RI 02909

questions can be emailed to:


Plum TV
122 Vley Road
Scotia, NY 12302

a new network in Martha's Vinyard, Nantucket, and the Boston area, targeting the rich & wealthy (including rock stars, TV execs, and stars).

No pay, but great exposure.


"Short films (Appx. 6 minutes and under) wanted to air on a monthly show on Manhattan Cable TV that showcases short films and filmmakers. Any genre, any style. Please send submissions on MINI DV or VHS (You may submit on VHS but I may not use it if it is not broadcast quality)Tapes will not be returned. Please include name and contact information.

Ted Smits
Fusion Studio
570 7th Ave
16th Floor
New York, NY 10018


Are you looking to be the next big thing? Think you have a great video and want exposure? If so, then Moving Targets 2 is for you! Presented by the Communications Department at the New York Institute of Technology, Moving Targets 2 is a show that will feature video shorts, ranging from comedy and drama to action, spoofs and more! We are looking for talented people to send us their videos for possible use in the upcoming pilot.

Please send all materials to:

Attn: Moving Targets 2
deSeversky Center, Suite #6
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Please note that all submissions will not be returned. If you have any questions, please call us at 516-676-7568 and leave a message or send and email to movingtargets2@yahoo.com.


Final call for submissions!

Production of ‘wonderscreen’ for TV3 has begun – Lovely Productions have been commissioned by TV3 Ireland to produce a 13 episode series which will showcase the best Irish and international short films, animation and experimentation. We are currently accepting both Irish and international submissions.

We are looking for dark, funny, quirky engaging little shorts between 15 seconds and 15 minutes in duration.

Please send preview copies of your films and animations ASAP to ensure they are short-listed for the show. We accept most formats but prefer preview copies on DVD or VHS.
(Masters should be of broadcast quality)


Lovely Productions
Thormanby Rd.,
Co. Dublin

For more info please contact Lorcan Finnegan on 00353 - 18322079 / 00353 86 1259794 or wonderscreen@lovelyproductions.com

Thanks again to all of you who have sent in your films, the standard has been fantastic!


U.S. short film network in several markets in US

251 53rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220


Giggleshorts TV
TV show for comedic short films

1448 Lawrence Ave. E. unit 19
P.O. Box 62038
Victoria Terrace P.O.
Toronto Ont.
Canada M4A 2W1


Indie Films -- KQED programs an average of 25 independent films (of all shapes and sizes) per month. From short animation to feature-length documentary, KQED broadcasts more independent films than any other public television station in the country.



Tennesee cable show

Rock Theatre Studios
3914 St. Elmo Ave.
Suite F
Chattanooga, TN 37409


Mind Ignites
Australian TV distributor of short films

Short Films can be sent via mail to:

c/o Jan De Bont

P O Box 8030
Subiaco east
WA 6008


The Award Winning cable program, Indie Film Showcase is accepting submissions for its new season in the Twin Cities. IFS is a cable program that highlights the work of Independent Filmmakers and exposes their work to the Twin Cities market. 7-8 pm, Saturday and Sunday for a month. No Fees. Send your work in any format (Beta, 3/4, Mini, DVCPro, the 8's) in a SASE for return to

Indie Film Showcase,
2134 Roth Pl.,
White Bear Lake, MN. 55110

" Also, you can send email to mailto:prolepic2@hotmail.com

The Short List
The Production Center
5500 Campanile Drive, COM124
San Diego, CA 92182-7601
Phone (619) 246-9496 Fax (619) 462-8266
e-mail: shortlist@mail.sdsu.edu


"Tightshorts" is another TV opportunity, but in Southern Calfornia...


BOB (they have not responded to emails or updated their site in over a year)

BOB programming selection is determined by a creative review committee that selects work based on its cultural and artistic merit.

BOB's distinctive programming attracts a broad audience, including film and television industry professionals looking for emerging talent. BOB provides a unique forum for the independent filmmaking community and offers a venue for a powerful form of expression neglected in television until now. We invite all filmmakers and content producers to participate in the launch of BOB by submitting their films for our selection process.

We are now accepting short films up to 15 minutes in length and would prefer viewing copies on DVD, 3/4" or 1/2" tapes in NTSC format (we will convert PAL if necessary).

If you are interested in showcasing your work, please download the Option Agreement, complete and mail it with your tape to:

Jamie Reesman
BOB: Brief Original Broadcasts
10901 W. Toller Drive
Littleton, CO 80127 USA

Also, please include a short synopsis of your film, the length and the category that best describes it (ie. live action, drama, cell animation, comedy, live action narrative, digital animation, horror, etc.).

Our programming department will contact you with specific directions on how to proceed should your film be selected.




Canal Plus
85/89 Quai André Citroen
Paris Cedex 15 75711

Contact: Brigitte Pardo, Short Programs Buyer
ph: (33) 1-44-25-73-30
fax: (33) 1-44-25-73-74


Tohlopinranta 31
Tampere, Finland

Timo Tuovinen, Head of Programme Acquisitions
Fax: 358 3 345 6246


Ian Bricke
Sundance Channel Acquisitions
1633 Broadway, 8th floor
New York, NY 10019

If you've got a completed short (30 seconds to 40 minutes) or feature length film (over 40 minutes), they want to see it. Here's what you'll need to send to be considered:

VHS copy of the completed film.

Information packet on the project including

(1) brief synopsis, (2) reviews (if you have any), (3) film festival history, (4) production notes and (5) director/cast/crew backgrounds

Contact information including your (1) name, (2) postal address, (3) telephone number and (4) email address.


RETV Showcase

WCOX 15 (Cox Cable channel 15 in Macon and Warner Robins, GA)
Contact: Tabitha Walker
Phone: (478) 314-3566
Show: Indie Showcase
Site: www.wcox15.com
Film Submission Address: Indie Showcase, Cox Communications, 6601
Hawkinsville Road, Macon, GA 31216

Want to submit a film? Please send all submissions to:

Indie Showcase
Cox Communications
6601 Hawkinsville Road
Macon, GA 31216

BetaSP, Mini-DV, DVC Pro, and DVD formats accepted. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for all projects needing to be returned.



The Independent Film Channel
attn Acquisitions
200 Jericho Quadrangle
Jericho, NY 11753

IFC accepts unsolicited short films (under 30 minutes). Tapes will not be returned and you will only hear from us if them want to license your film.


WNBC 4.4 Independent Producer Showcase

The Independent Producer Showcase will be a program block, dedicated to presenting the efforts of independent producers and will be broadcast on WNBC's Newest Digtal Television channel 4.4 and is soon to be carried on cable systems throughout the tristate area.

Send us your film. We will review every submission. If your submission meets our broadcast standards and program guidelines, it will be eligible to air on the WNBC 4.4 Independent Producer Showcase.

For more information, email us at ipshowcase@nbc.com or CLICK HERE


The Independent Eye
Knowledge Network (BC), Saskatchewan Communications Network

Judy Robertson, Screening Officer and Co-producer
e-mail: judyr@ola.bc.ca.
ph: (604) 431-3224
fax: (604) 431-3387 or 3333

Launched in January 1996, The Independent Eye presents 13 one-hour episodes each year, loosely grouped according to genre, region, subject, technique or achievement. Noted journalist and broadcaster Geoff Pevere hosts each episode, providing background on the filmmakers and films, and providing insight into Canadian filmmaking and filmmaking in general.

The show has an annual call for submissions (usually in December) but Judy accepts submissions year-round.

The Independent Eye pays $33 per minute for unlimited plays over four years, non-exclusive. However, its production values, growing reputation and attractive 10 pm time slot make it a worthwhile door to knock on.


Canadian Comedy Shorts
The Comedy Network

Contact: Sarah Fowlie, Producer (email: sfowlie@ctv.ca)
Karen Swerdfeger, Producer (email: kswerdfeger@ctv.ca)
ph: (416) 332-5295
fax: (416) 332-5301

They're looking for films 15 minutes and under, preferably in a lighter vein. They pay $275 (Canadian) per minute for a two year exclusive window, with unlimited plays.

Instead of phoning, filmmakers should simply mail their cassettes, accompanied by letters, to:
The Comedy Network
c/o Canadian Comedy Shorts
P.O. Box 1000 Stn 0
Toronto, Ontario M4A 2W3


(Western International Communications)

Sandy Perkins
Director of Programming
ph: (780) 430-2800
fax: (780) 437-3188

Like Movie Max (see above), Superchannel buys Canadian shorts as interstitials. Sandy's programming and licensing practises are virtually identical to Wendy's at Movie Max. Like Wendy, Sandy looks at every tape she receives, but short, light films have by far the best chance for acceptance.

Licence fees are negotiated individually, but are generally in the $100-$300 range for one or two years of unlimited plays, non-exclusive.

U.S. Broadcasters

American broadcasters tend to be interested in American short films. However, the following folks tell us that they do look at Canadian submissions. A phone call or fax would be a worthwhile first step, however, before putting your tape in the mail. Our thanks to the Canadian Film Centre's Jenna Donahue-Bordeau for most of the following contacts.


Encore Media
Englewood, Colorado
USA 80111

Contact: Keenan Bolin
ph: (303) 771-7700
fax: (303) 741-3067

Encore buys interstitial programming for their various specialty channels. They do not look at unsolicited tapes -- send a letter and one-sheet. They're interested in films suitable for "G" or "PG" audiences, in the following categories: Mystery, Western, Action, True Stories, Love Stories, and WHAM (children's programming).


Coyaba Studios

small station in Key West, Florida seeks short films for content. Send Mini DV, DVD or VHS to:

Coyaba Studios
PO box 1008
Key West Fl. 33041



In order to expose your work to as many people as possible, we ask that you avoid the following in projects submitted for the show.
-graphic violence (excessive gore)
-harsh profanity
-strong sexual content

-Mini DV
-Hi-8 (analog only)
-VHS (if necessary)
Please send us a copy of your project, not the master. If you want your tape back, please send return postage, or you can stop by our studio located at

708 E. Club Blvd.

Durham, NC 27704


"Bite TV ", Bite TV brings the best short format video to your TV screen, the Wbe, and your mobile phone. Features Angry Kid and more.

2196 Dunwin Dr.
Mississauga, ON
L5L 1C7

Click Here for official Site


The Reel Deal
c/o Matthew Glasson
78 Norman Ave, 1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Artists who have been selected will receive notification via email or phone with information regarding their episode. Also, once a month, we will select a featured artist from each episode and host their short film on the website for the month that the episode airs.

Showcasing your work on The Reel Deal is in no way exclusive and you're free to submit your pieces to other festivals, showcases and distributors.

Check back to the site for updates, showtimes and featured shorts in the future. Any other questions can be sent to info@reeldealtv.com



My name is Dan Schaefer and I produce a local(Portland Metro area)short film television show called "Shorts". Currently we are looking for new and exciting films to be aired on the show.

or you can e-mail me directly on how to submit your film at:


Once we recieve your film you will be notified of it's airtime and airdates. We are looking for original material so keep copyright material in mind when submitting. For instance, music authorization for example. Also NTSC on a DV tape is the best source to send your film on. This can be a problem if you are out of the US and submit on PAL or Seacam formats. Also the quality of DV tape is higher for broadcast that VHS. DVD are difficult to, so please send it on a tape. One other question people have is, "should I submit it if it is an old film? Should I send a current project?". The answer is send your eariest work as well, many people have probably not had the chance to see your work and would like to. So send what you have.

Send your short film to:

11375 SW Center St.
Suite B
Beaverton, OR 97005


Dan Schaefer



Renowned comedy publisher National Lampoon recently acquired Lorne Michaels' Burly Bear Network to create National Lampoon Networks. We are producing a new program with a working title of "National Lampoon's Comedy Academy" to be hosted by funny girl, Alison Becker. The program features comedic short films, stand-up and sketch comedy from the best up and coming writers, comedians and directors.

We would like to extend an invitiation to all to submit your films, skecthes and/or stand-up acts. Short films may be 30-seconds to 8-minutes in length. Films can be of any nature (animation, film, digital, etc) as long as they have a comedic sensibility. We are happy to view your films on Beta, BetaSP, DVD or miniDV (prefered).

Should your film be selected, we will contact you. The program reaches 5-millions homes. This is a terrific exposure opportunity for your film, act or ideas.

ALSO: As a local NYC producer, I would love to come to your theater to create profiles, EPKs and packages about your comedy troupes for Comedy Academy. These are created by taping your sketches and/or stand-up and by conducting interviews with the comedians and directors. Both elements are then edited into a 3-5 minute feature about your sketch group and its participants. Sort of a behind-the-scenes look (fi you will). If you're interested in being featured, please send an e-mail to jhealey@nationallampoon.com. Please refrain from e-mailing me about short films, etc. Submit those via the link above.


America's Best Student Shorts
"The Pitch"

Glen Echo Associates, LLC
7212 Helmsdale Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817

Dear Moviemaker,

Student moviemakers are producing great shorts, but few people ever see them. They can be posted on the web, or entered in festivals, for a fee. Yet mainstream audiences are denied the opportunity to appreciate the time, effort, and talent that students have put into their projects, and student moviemakers are denied the exposure they deserve.

America’s Best Student Shorts places great student shorts before the general public. America’s Best Student Shorts is a weekly half-hour TV program that showcases six or eight student projects ranging from one to ten minutes in length and averaging three or four minutes.

America’s Best Student Shorts appeals to a late night audience. It is targeted at independent commercial TV stations in major markets.

We are actively acquiring limited, nonexclusive licenses to include student shorts in the show. The copyright holder retains the copyright and control over the short, and can enter festivals and market the short in other venues.

America’s Best Student Shorts is an excellent way for students to showcase their talents before a broad audience. In addition, we provide an honorarium that can help finance festival entries or launch the next project. The honorarium for the shorts that we license and showcase is $75/minute. The exposure we give student work may well lead to other opportunities to sell rights.

The shorts may be live action, stop action, or animation and any subject or genre, but they must have high production values and they must be entertaining to a late night audience. America’s Best Student Shorts is not aimed at an audience of experimental film cognoscenti.

There is no submission fee. Send the submission agreement along with your movie (VHS or DVD, please) to the address above. Questions? Check the FAQs, then e-mail us.

With best regards,

Tom Hoopengardner, Producer
America's Best Student Shorts


"American Short Films", a nationally televised showcase of short films of ALL genres, is also accepting submissions for it's 2005 season. Syndicated TV show, African American Short Films, accepting submissions

African American Short Films, a nationally televised showcase of short films starring, produced, written and/or directed by African-American filmmakers, is accepting submissions for it's 2005 season. "African American Short Films" airs quarterly on network television in over 100 cities nationwide.

Submissions are accepted on an on-going basis. Accepted films receive compensation.

Short films should be between 2-25 minutes in length.
Viewing copies must be submitted on VHS, Mini DV or DVD in NTSC format.

Short films may originate on any format or medium (i.e.; Mini DV,
Digibeta, Beta SP, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, etc.,...) Please note the running time and format shot on.

Submissions should be sent to:
Badami Productions
419 North Larchmont Blvd., P.O. Box #322
Los Angeles, CA 90004
ATTN: "African American Short Films"

Please include your contact information and tell us where you heard about us.
Viewing copies will not be returned.

For questions or additional information email: lisha@badamitv.com or go to www.badamitv.com



We want to air your works on the Bay Area’s premiere independent film series.

Over the last seven years, video i has become the Bay Area's premier primetime showcase of independent film and video. We continue this dedication as we enter our eighth season. Documentaries, narratives, features, short films, animation, and experimental video -- you'll find that and much more on video i. Interviewing up and coming artists along with mavericks of the indie-film scene, like Robert M. Young, Ron Shelton, and Peter Fonda, video i celebrates the independent vision of the new American cinema. It’s a film festival in your very own living room.

Films must be interesting and entertaining, and reflect the cultural diversity, lifestyles, and viewpoints of KTEH members.

video i is frequently featured in TV Guide close-ups and Bay Area newspapers as the "prime-time pick" for Monday evenings. The program is commercial free and airs films uncensored and uninterrupted.

Works of any length up to 57 minutes will be considered.

Film masters should be provided on Betacam-SP, DVC-Pro, or D-3
to assure broadcast quality.

Please send a VHS preview copy of your completed film to:
video i
1585 Schallenberger Road
San Jose, CA 95131-2434

For further information, contact the one of the show’s producers:

Scott Gracheff – (408) 795-5495 or e-mail: sgracheff@kteh.org


Papaya Media
ATTN: TVvillage Indie Spotlight
P.O. Box 22501
San Francisco, CA 94122-0501

While we love films of all types, we can air films that are less than 15 minutes long. If your film is longer, please specify which 15 minutes you would like to show

You are granting TVvillage the non-exclusive right to broadcast your film up to four (4) times on cable television.

Johnny Wu and MDI are seekign short films for cable access shows in CLEVELAND Ohio and for KENT STATE UNIVERSITY

[email] johnny@mdifilm.com



KAOS Network, a non-profit media arts organization in Los Angeles, is currently seeking submissions for a monthly film & video series. This series is dedicated to screening ultra low-no budget, guerrilla, and underground film & video works in animation, documentary, narrative, experimental, etc..... Film/videomakers are encouraged to speak about their work. There is NO ENTRY FEE and all entries must be under 20 minutes, including titles. "We are seeking entries on an onging basis for future shows."

send it (VHS, SVHS, or 3/4" to:

KAOS (attn: film/video)
4343 Leimert Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

(SASE for tape return) for more info: (323)296-5717 or ga6y@earthlink.net


Central Arkansas Cable

I have a local cable channel in central Arkansas. I would like to air some of short films. If interested contact me at: pandemonium@cox-internet.com

Sam Brown MMP
1607 N. Broadway
Heber Springs, AR 72543


Westpark Foundries is now accepting product for use on our two new pay-per-view channels.

We have deals with two new IPTV networks and our currently negotiating our deal with a cellular provider for submitted shorts.

Westpark provides an 80-20 split. That means for every dollar that your film earns on Pay-Per-View, you will receive .80 cents.

This is a non-exclusive deal, so that you may sell your film in any other fashion you choose, and may end your agreement with Westpark at any time, by giving us 30 days written notice to remove your Content from our offerings.

Please visit: http://westparkfoundries.com/submit.html and fill out the submission form and mail your films to:

Westpark Foundries
1312 Yorkshire
Austin, Tx. 78723

We are only accepting DVD's at this time, no other format will be considered. Please insure that your film is mastered as a DVD and NOT as a VCD, they are very similar.


Channel Four Television
124 Horseferry Road
London, England

Contact: Katy Thorogood, Short Film Buyer
Ph: (44) 171 396-4444
Fax: (44) 171 306-8629


Kunstkanaal "Arts Channel"
P.O. Box 53066
Amsterdam 1007 Rb

Contact: Contact: Marc Noyons, Program Acquisitions
Ph: (31) 20 627-1496
Fax: (31) 20 624-9368
e-mail: kk@antenna.nl

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